Our Story

Henry Jay is an extraordinary company which has revolutionized watchmaking since its creation. But what really sets Henry Jay apart is the exceptional quality of its aquamaster dive watches, of which we as a company are immensely proud. Reliable and robust, these objects are a joy to own and wear, and they form part of our everyday lives. Our company has created a name for itself by producing irresistible timepieces that convey a sensation of power while remaining affordable. Attracting consumers is a challenge that I am delighted to be taking up together with a team who is passionate about what they do and highly committed to their company. Our aim is to show that true quality lasts forever and that that’s what differentiates Henry Jay timepieces from other objects which inevitably become obsolete over the years. The world of Henry Jay is closely connected to extreme water sports, but its appeal extends much further: its masculine styling speaks to intrepid women; its collections that are waterproof to 100+ meters perfectly meet the demands of yachting and surfing alike.

Though that particular illusion ends, the moment you get home and unpack it from the series of boxes that look like they were thought up by the same people who design those Russian nesting dolls while realizing that the only difference between you and the world leaders, world famous movie stars and world class athletes is that they probably got their watches for free…paid for by you via that rather impressive price tag that accompanied your watch.

Lucky for you we here at Henry Jay have zero interest in being like “most timepiece brands”. Why? Because we want to be your timepiece brand.

Considering how much it costs to keep multi-millionaire media personal; tries in free watches, be happy that price tag wasn’t even the fact it should come we’re surprised most timepiece brands don’t use way more than just this space to tell their story

Here at Henry Jay we’re not about reinventing or reimagining classic timepiece designs as much as we’re about refreshing them by adding smart yet subtle nuances designed to that broaden their footprint–and appeal